The Curse – Touch of Eternity


The Curse-Touch of Eternity


centuries old curse, a mysterious pendant and a young love reignite a vendetta that had died down long ago…

Samantha, an outsider, finds an old pendant within her deceased grandmother’s belongings. A short while later, the seventeen-year old goes on a school-exchange to Scotland. No sooner has she arrived at her host family’s than she is drawn into the country’s tales and myths. When she then also meets the attractive Scot Payton, her world completely falls apart. The mysterious Highlander soon conquers Sams heart. Caught up in her feelings, she does not realize how much danger she is in – what she does not suspect: Payton’s past holds a dark secret. A secret that has bound together both their families’ fates for hundreds of years and which is now also endangering Sam’s life…


The Curse – Touch of Eternity
ISBN-13: 978-1477807354
318 Pages
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