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[image_frame style=”reflect_shadow” alt=”Sound of the Tide” title=”Sound of the Tide” height=”300″ width=”200″]https://emilybold.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Sound-of-the-Tide.jpg[/image_frame]I´m proud to present you my sixth book translation into English language. It´s called “Sound of the Tide” and it was published in January 1st in the UK with Amazon Kindle First programme. The regular release date is February 1st – I´m very excited!

Here it is:

When the love of her life, and the father of her unborn child, dies unexpectedly, Piper’s world collapses. In an ill-advised attempt to keep his memory alive, she moves into their dream home—the one that Daniel was working on when he died. Alone and grieving, Piper struggles to carry on and to pull herself out of her spiraling depression in time for the birth of their baby. When Kevin, Daniel’s best friend, offers his support and confesses a long-held love for her, Piper must ask herself some hard questions. Will she ever be able to let go of the plans she made with Daniel and recover from her heartbreak? Can she overcome the guilt she harbors over her blossoming feelings for Kevin? Will she learn to love again?





Piper thinks she will never love again after tragedy steals away her perfect life. Not even the familiar sounds of the sea can comfort her, coming through ‘like a sad, gurgling stream whose river bed was studded with pebbles.’ She and her husband, Daniel, have been making plans for their beautiful beach house in Mellos Cove, Maine, spending their time debating paint colours for the nursery, when his sudden death shatters their dreams. As a widow with a baby on the way, how can she possibly navigate the storm?


But a mother’s nesting instincts are stronger than a hurricane. Piper sets to work preparing for the baby’s arrival, taking comfort in the tumultuous but consistent movements of the sea. When the tide washes in an old flame who happened to be Daniel’s best friend—Kevin—he helps her focus on doing up the house. They work through their grief together as they paint walls and hang light fixtures, discovering a surprising new sensuality along the way. The loving memory of Daniel has a natural place in their relationship, and through long talks on the beach, soundtracked by the crashing of the waves on the shore, Piper discovers her own peaceful ebb tide after the storm.


Sound of the Tide washed me out to sea from its first lines, carrying me through the emotional weather patterns of life and blissfully returning me to the safe harbour of love. From tears to sighs of pleasure, I felt at home with Piper’s journey, my heart singing along with hers to the familiar and renewing music of the constant ocean.- from the Editor Gabriella Pagefort

The book (313 pages) is available at amazon.co.uk & amazon.com – hope you enjoy it 🙂


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